Vitamin D

There is something so wonderful about the sun. We get a lot of it here and I don't mind it at all. I love to meditate as the kids swim and observe the strong contrast that such a bright, direct light casts onto the earth for a few months. Most things I have painted usually include strong shadows because I love how much they add to a simple shape. Anyway, as I was by the pool the other day (it's still been so warm here), I was reminded how this summer I kept intending to take pictures of our floating pool toys and want to try and paint them, and only them. Just the toy and the shadow and leave the rest of the paper white......... I wonder what it would look like.....
Love the classic mid-cent design to some of these....


Floating Dreams

Um.... I can't even express how much I love this idea. Does it play on my mobile fixation? How absolutely dreamy is this?!? Think of all you could wonder lying beneath this floating architecture. I just LOVE it! Looks like quite the undertaking as this artist creates the hulls with paper mache, wire, etc. Eesh. But they are so beautiful. The last photo of them from below seriously took my breath away....

'School' Books

I have been wanting to try screen printing for a while and lately a crop of little books have interested me in following through.
Don't school books break the bank!? :-) Oh well.
Memo to me: specifically check these out

Sherill Anne Gross

I picked up a magazine a few weeks back that featured a lot of different artists. This one immediately impressed me. Her work is AMAZING! She is one of the inspirations for me doing this blog, as she decided to do one project/paper cut a week. All the work is on her blog and she has hundreds of pieces. I highly recommend checking it out. Her point of view and eye for shapes and color is fantastic.
This makes me want to go buy every color of Canson paper and do some of my own. Another goal!


Spotty Watercolor

This was from an old design newsletter I subscribed to. They occasionally posted photos from places all over the world and had discussions on local architecture, community design, etc. I thought this image would make a great watercolor. It will probably also be a huge nightmare (at least the way I paint) to do but now that it's posted here.... we'll see if I can execute what I envision.

Cool Quilling

Funny thing is I was doing some quilling with Elliet and ended up looking for pictures online to show her different shapes and found this. With some great colored paper it could be fun to try.

Bird Mobile

I loved this when I saw it. I have been wanting to play around with making mobiles for years. This seems easy but I have a feeling it's deceiving to try and get the balancing right.