Neck Lines

Weeks ago I saw this Armani ad and tore it out because I was interested in this scarf she was wearing. Ever since then I've been looking for a cool knit fabric to try this with.
Then recently I found this website, SAAKO that also makes/sells them. I don't know... I just think they are cool.
Have you seen any others for sale anywhere? I have a feeling we'll see more of these in the coming months.
They don't look too difficult to try.
I see some ghetto sewing in my near future!

White Out

I absolutely love these images from Shannon May (via Design Sponge). They inspire me to pull out my watercolors again.
I love the faded washes and especially the masked areas of white. This one with the airplane is my favorite. The crisp buildings resting way at the bottom is fab. Look at how the sky darkens.
Oh. If time grew on a tree.....