Styro Clouds

Amazing, AMAZING work by an artist named Tara Donovan using recycled materials. Check out all her work here.


Wonder Wall

this company.
They came up with a soft wall design like this a few years ago using Tyvek (think FedEx envelopes) and I nearly... yes, nearly dumped over 1k of my own preciously saved money on one. I found the design and idea so brilliant. A large collapsing wall that could store easily, yet open wide and long to create fun space for parties or play areas. Kind of like a folding table- always good to have on hand (at least that's how I justified it to myself). Well, apparently it's a good thing I waited because now they made them much more economical, around $250 a section. So awesome. Think if they were in some groovy colors!
If I ever do trade shows again, this is definitely the way to go.


More Christmas Gifties

So I finally got around to taking pics of the girls gifts. I have been watching them during Dance class and wondering how much variety there could be in the dance world of fashion (Easy now, sans major fringe and many-a-sequin). Most of what I find for young girls is pink and black. After hunting a little I have found some leotards in other cool colors which inspired me to have fun with some dance skirts. Plus, most of them are boring and way over priced. This is the first of a few I decided to make. They took more time then I thought (um, french seams anyone? yeah...) and made me realize that unless I invest in a Serger, the overpriced skirts were looking pretty good. But, hey- it's a handmade Christmas and the girls have really enjoyed them. Check and check.
(I included a pic of them all sparkly in the sun so you could see the shimmery dots because, frankly, "Fish like shiny things and don't we all".
-If anyone can tell me what that is from, I'll be more than impressed! Well, excluding Julia because we still giggle about it)


Render Wonder

Look at all these posts lately. So many ideas are in my brain right now. Is it the new year anxiousness to produce some creative goods? I feel like accomplishing. I am trying to get on top of my studio/office space and finish so many things waiting for my attention. Whatever the reason, I am determined to have no idea slip through the cracks.
This is a cool dish towel but I want to remember this idea for artwork. I want to choose a location that has a meaning to me, create the outline drawing and use flat, opaque acrylic in the sky. I've wanted to do this on wood...must do must do.


Cool Threads

This is such a cool line of "paint by number" fabric by Erin Michael for Moda. You can see all the patterns here.
I am mentally scrambling for a reason to justify buying it. What could I make?
Ugh. This is the last thing I need... more fabric. So send me any ideas.


Word Art

If you had a cool thing to say, I think this is a groovy way to do it. Sometimes I see art like this and get tired of the phrases before I leave the store, but every now and then one passes the "interesting" qualifications. :-) The cloud one is romantic, right? Is that because I love to look at clouds?
I am going to copy the colorful one and only change the last word. You'll have to wait and see what I do, but after seeing this, I am excited for the idea and have materials to purchase!

Red + Blue

I love the faded dreamy tone to this.


A Fun Herring

I am not much of a quilter. The patterns are usually to crafty and the process bores me. All that repetitive cutting and sewing, hoping things line up and in my case, never do. It's like nightmares of math class all over again so I sew other things less restrictive (and easier to hide my shortcomings. At least fabric forgives...Math doesn't!). But this summer I spotted a small sample of a chevron/herringbone quilt and was inspired to make one. You see, I have a small fabric purchasing problem. I may not be much of a quilter, but I love fabric prints almost as much as cool paper and have so many fat quarters of cool fabric saved up for.... something. My random projects do not use up much of my stash. But this can! Thanks to Anna Marie Horner's great image of her new line here. I want to make that big quilt with bright vintage colors... and how hard can that be? Tracy.... HELP. :-)
And if I master it, I want to make that dress next. Or at least a skirt. Perhaps small and doll size to keep me interested....


Christmas Gifting #1

So this was my idea for Scott.
I wanted to cover a pair of classic white Vans with cool bike drawings. But as I started, I began to get more ideas and realized there were a few directions I could go... Do I draw all bikes or do I scribble cool doodles like an old school folder? Or do I draw things that represent other things we love together? a Vespa? The Golden Gate Bridge? Blah blah blah...so I wanted his input before I went further. This what was in the box and he says he likes them just like this. I still want to add more. I even bought some cool colored pens to add some spots of flava-flave. Maybe on Luke's. That was also my gift to Luke but his shoes were the wrong size so I didn't get to draw on them yet. Anyway, cycling kicks for Scott. Watch out for me and my Sharpies!