October was a really busy month. I haven't had much time to put toward projects but I did a little. I am using what time I have to put things together for the upcoming GND show at the end of this month. I'll post some of that work then.
In the meantime, what I did do was:
Finish those Chevron pillows I started in, oh, July? I am loving this deep magenta/orchid color right now so I put it on the back.

Played with more geometric shapes. Look at my nonsense.

I saw this watercolor on Etsy and it gave me an idea to paint one of my own.
Turned out alright. Mostly I just had fun painting again. I purposely left all my supplies out to see if I can do a few more things while the motivation lasts.

What I really want to do is make a quilt like this. I think it would be easy (ish). Simple triangles, simple colors and in the end have a modern design. It makes sense in my head. Which means trouble for reals. Bah.