Cool Art

Really love the color and work of Matte Stephens. Just look at his living space! The man can decorate.


Paper Cake

My friends Birthday was last week so I went in with another pal and got her this cute cake plate from Martha.
Alas. I did not have time to bake a cake and thought a paper cake would be fun (and sugar free! Gee-willakers!).
I dug through my stash, found a few sheets that would fit her personality and cut away. Turned out alright. As I completed the top layer I learned some tips that I should have thought through when I started. Oh well.
I wanted to add two big glittery numbers representing her age on the top but ran out of time.
Would be cool if you could find a kit to do just this, no? I think lots of paper cakes could be a very cool thing to display or put little gifts inside.


Beautiful Blooms

How incredible are these enormous flower displays!? Practically takes my breath away.
Can you imagine walking those steps for some special evening?

The details posted on the site:
"Underneath the glass roof of the Cambon-Capucines pavilion was like a giant pop-up book made of white paper. The grandiose d├ęcor was made up of monochrome arrangements of roses, daisies, leaves and petals winding their way up and around the room's 32 impressive columns and draped over the railings of the entry stairway where the models appeared. Not to mention the 84 round tables tables with their tablecloths and paper bouquets. All in all, there were 7000 handmade paper flowers, which took a total of 4800 hours of work to assemble. 4000 m2 of paper were needed to create these ephemeral sculptures all in one color...."

Via Chanel

Tiny Fun

Interesting and lovely effects using these tiny flag garlands.
I think I want to try.....

First image via Oh Happy Day
Forgot the second....oops

Creative Food

I have seen this website referred to from a few different sources recently and finally checked them out. Papier Valise has some AMAZING supplies for cool crafting. Attention! They even have some fantastic vintage pharmacy label assortments so I bought a few varieties to do my apothecary jars for Halloween. Woohoo! Be careful- the prices are modest but you will want much and it adds up. :) You can tell I had Halloween on my mind (but it is April, and never too early).
I just ordered a bunch of cool stuff. This gets me excited to focus on projects that I want to do.
Academe has suffered from my lack of personal fun lately. Sorry for not having much on here to share. I have some things awaiting attention, which has been focused on other design/art work for friends and family. So... good, challenging projects, just nothing that would interest anyone here really.
Hoping to get back to 'studies' soon. My spirit is in need of creative exploration!