Growing Wonder

Incredible stick work by Patrick Dougherty. Really cool pics on his site so check it one-two. So atmospheric, like a story book. I really like the frozen motion of this one by the stairs. And don't you want to walk through those tree houses? Hmmmm. I need a tree house.

Maybe in this tree.

Halloween Awards

I am finally getting this picture up. I had some great dark plum and olive ribbon that I found afterward... would have been so fun to make more in different colors. Ah well. Next year. The discs were about 3.5" in diameter so the ribbons hung long down the front. I like the results and did not tire of the possibilities. Hopefully the winners were proud.
Can I make one for who ate the most Turkey next month?


Leah Giberson

I really like her work.
Interesting subject matter, great shadows.... very calm.




Setting Course

I found my maps.
They range in different sizes but look just how I wanted them too.
Finding a variety is changing my original plan. I was going to create a few boats of the same size and test out my idea. Now I think they will range depending on the paper. Cool, yes!? Having the paper be the beginning of their individual destination? I am excited to try this and see how my dream boats will form....
While they are shipping I can begin to assemble the hulls! I'm going to feel like a gigantic, greedy Noah... standing over my many boats....


Comeen Comeen!

Now that I have filled my plate with things I'd like to do, I will soon be posting things I am doing and have been busy doing. Mostly holiday things...but still creative fuel.