Bike Animation

Very cool idea.



The GND show was a great success. Whew! And always more work than I anticipate.
I had an ambitious list of new creative endeavors to accomplish before the date which stressed me out a bit. But this is what it is for, to push me over those hurdles that I am intimidated to try (or too lazy to carry out). This time I was determined to silkscreen. Enough of the daisy dreams! So I did it. I may have talked to myself a lot during the process in an encouraging voice, and it obviously worked. I have groovy dishtowels to prove it. In neon pink, no less!
I also wanted to play with enamel paint so I painted some jewelry and vintage keys. You can get the overview on the site here.
Now I've got to post what's left on my Etsy shop at some point. Maybe some fools will think my weird stuff is as cool as I think it is. If not, these are the gifts you'll be getting over the coming year.
Since I have been on this wave of makingmakingmaking, I still have some cool things up my sleeve that weren't finished in time so I'll try and get them posted soon.
Though the holiday season is upon us and I have Christmas cards to make.
Which may utilize my new screen printing skillz. Ohhh!