Tanlines. Not Deadlines.

I think I must admit that I don't think it's possible to maintain a weekly project, but I am working on things.
One new toy I am learning is the Silhouette cutting machine that I got for my birthday in January, yes JANUARY. Five months ago and I only just opened the box. It is going to be everything I dreamed. :)
Hope to have pics of some things up here soon. Until then, keep enjoying your summer!


Week 7

Well, this was the last week of school so my creative time was shared with my girls doing something that I bought supplies for months ago and haven't yet done. We made rings from old buttons. Groovy, right?
Easy and fun.
Now that summer is here, I'm hoping to take on some bigger fish!
But first, this next week I have something cool to show you.


Week 6

I went out of town on Thursday for a weekend cycling event (my first century!), so my creative time was cut a tad short.
But I finally put together some logo samples for a friend. That counts, right?
While away, I picked up this cool lamp shade frame that will turn up soon. Stay tuned.