Handy Holiday Preps

So I am very eager to cheat and reveal some of my holiday projects but I can't! As my Dad always says, Tis the season for no questions. But if you ask me without la familia around I will happily divulge. Plus the Christmas card is more fun this year so I am looking forward to sending those out soon.
I will probably post some pics up of the girls gifty within a few days since, you know, they won't read this. I thought of an awesome idea for Scott and Luke (finally) but alas, they are similar in execution so you'll have to wait. And if I can finish the huge watercolor I started for Scott, then it's a bonus (there is one reveal).
Anyway, just wanted to send an update that AcadeMe is not forgotten. Only slower until the 26th! Then I'll load it up with updates. Stay tuned.....
In the meantime, anyone else making gifts? I would love more ideas...

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