Heart Me

Just in time for zee holeeday of luuuv...
I saw these at a little shop while visiting SF last year and thought the idea was cute. As you can see by the price tag, it's a pretty investment to possess a cluster. So I swiped a pic with my phone and decided to try and make my own. Sometime.
Well, that 'sometime' arrived. It's called February. And I decided to just go do it.

I bought half of a yard of good linen and went to work. I liked the look of embroidery, but if you don't have a way to do that, I think a stencil or stamping would look cool also, just like classic Necco candy hearts (even white lettering on pastel linens would be charming!). I went along with traditional phrases and then realized some more satire would have been fun. Um, next year.
It's pretty obvious how the rest of the procedure goes... but in case you try it out, some deets regarding the process:
Cut out a paper heart template for tracing, roughly the size of the desired finished product (factor in a small seam allowance)*. I then cut out the middle of this template so I could see through it to center the placement of the words as I traced each heart.
Once traced, cut them out. I kept the plain fabric for the back layered behind the top and cut each heart out together- it saves you time and effort. Doublemint fun!
Start sewing near the bottom point, go all around, and stop along that same side leaving an opening for the batting. Snip the curves, turn inside out, fill and sew closed. I used my machine for this part because I am lazy. Oh, you didn't know that? Well, I so am. I suppose you could hand sew them closed... but who has enough love for that?
Then... voila! Ahhh... L'Amoré.
And if you're not that fond of Valentines Day, put something mean on there, fill them with rocks, and throw them at people**.
*I know. No accuracy here. Do not forget where you are. I told you I'm a ghetto seamstress.
**Not really. If you feel that way then someone needs a hug.


- Tracy said...

I heart this project!

Tayva said...

I think your sayings are FABULOUS---way better than the ones in S.F.! Way to go; they're great. XO

JENNIE! said...

these pillow are freaking awesome.