LD to the GS

Wow. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted here. My normal 'creative' time has been spent on little design things here and there and some other ventures. But the juices have been flowing again and I'm already doing some work on a few things. In the meantime....
I have been on a mission to get my garage clean. And I mean really clean and organized. I have a new saw, drill press and other tools still in their boxes from Christmas that I haven't been able to use yet because there has been NO room. Too many bikes, a Vespa and Lambretta to navigate around, boxes of stuff, weight equipment.... so we've been gutting. As I was ditching some old Paper Candy signage, I found these watercolors that I did... probably 14 years ago? maybe longer... I can't remember. And I didn't even remember that I had them. They are about 20" tall. I remember just trying to get them done, so I didn't take as much time on the girls and background. I am my own worst critic because I even look at them now and see what I want to improve. But beh- I'm not interested.... so I think I am going to crop off the silly girls and keep the scooters. I tested this idea out in Photoshop so it's included here. What thinketh thou? That would look better, right? They weren't really laying flat so they look a tad warped but you get the idea.
I have a watercolor in the making right now hogging our main table in the family room. The easel is a huge eyesore so I need to get crack-a-lackin' on that.... so much to do!


JENNIE! said...

crap you are GOOOD... but then again what aren't you good at?:)

oh snap said...

I always have loved your watercolor work so much. Please don't scrap these pieces. If I recall correctly, didn't you pencil in some love-blurb about your first few dates with Scott on one of them somewhere?