Love Leftovers

Okay- So Vday is over but I thought these ideas were worth noting for the future. They inspire the following:
-I liked the idea of using cupcake cups as fluted paper backgrounds. This would look great on a heard box (improving upon, of course... putting something in the middle with more oomph)
-The felt heart thing is something I would never make, but the idea/method is simple and gets my mind plotting. Already did some similar things with hair barrettes but cool pins for clothes, eh...has potential in the kid department.
-And das boats. What is it about boats? They are just kind of cool and dreamy and these look, ahem, a bit easier than the last bunch I made. I dig the big doily sail (would be cool in black!), perhaps bigger tissue paper sails... but the hearts are sweet and for some reason, not too cheesy.

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