Paper Cake

My friends Birthday was last week so I went in with another pal and got her this cute cake plate from Martha.
Alas. I did not have time to bake a cake and thought a paper cake would be fun (and sugar free! Gee-willakers!).
I dug through my stash, found a few sheets that would fit her personality and cut away. Turned out alright. As I completed the top layer I learned some tips that I should have thought through when I started. Oh well.
I wanted to add two big glittery numbers representing her age on the top but ran out of time.
Would be cool if you could find a kit to do just this, no? I think lots of paper cakes could be a very cool thing to display or put little gifts inside.


Jessica said...

I saw that cake plate too! That turned out amazing and what a great idea for giving someone a cake plate!

kristina said...

this is awesome and its really looks better than the real one..

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