Creative Food

I have seen this website referred to from a few different sources recently and finally checked them out. Papier Valise has some AMAZING supplies for cool crafting. Attention! They even have some fantastic vintage pharmacy label assortments so I bought a few varieties to do my apothecary jars for Halloween. Woohoo! Be careful- the prices are modest but you will want much and it adds up. :) You can tell I had Halloween on my mind (but it is April, and never too early).
I just ordered a bunch of cool stuff. This gets me excited to focus on projects that I want to do.
Academe has suffered from my lack of personal fun lately. Sorry for not having much on here to share. I have some things awaiting attention, which has been focused on other design/art work for friends and family. So... good, challenging projects, just nothing that would interest anyone here really.
Hoping to get back to 'studies' soon. My spirit is in need of creative exploration!

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