Shroom Dreams

Yes. Sometimes I wonder if I am smoking something with the ideas I get. I have wanted to make a mushroom pin cushion for months though I don't know why.... I just liked the idea of a substantial, heavy felt mushroom to place my pins in. And then I got the idea to imitate the delicate ruffles beneath the dome with more felt and uh! I had to make one. It would be so cool, me thinks.
Wellllllll....... let's just say that 'Ghetto sewing by Andrea 101' does not always result in what is in my brain. But I do have enough motivation for more rounds. Cooler colors, taller stems... they could be quite sculptural and interesting. At least, you know, in my brain. But hey-where's the fun if I don't show you my crappy work, too! So here's how to make a goofy mushroom pin cushion. :) Let's get started!
~I made the top- cut out a red circle and started sewing progressive curved seams to create the dome (image uno). Then I filled this with sand and sewed the opening closed (um... do this carefully, making sure you have a good, tight hold on that opening you are closing shut because, you know, sand spilling out into the bobbin area of your machine would not a good thing be ((SEE? I told you- GHETTO SEWING BY ANDREA)).
~ After closing the top, I cut a strip of white felt, hand basted each long side and gathered so the ruffles lined up. Then I hot glued this to the bottom (image dos). Then removed the basting thread. After securing it on there, I tried to pull the outer edge of the dome and glue it to the outer edge of the ruffles. I hope that makes sense. Basically, from the side I didn't want you to see a white thing stuck to the bottom. I wanted the top to wrap completely around the edge and only reveal the white bottom if you turn it over. You know, like a real mushroom.
~I sewed a fat stem and filled it with.... lead shot. Genious, right? I just have to say that this was the one phase that had me stuck for some time. I wanted sand in the dome on top... so what would I use in the base that could possibly be heavy and substantial enough to support that? Cue my dad- Mr. handyman himself acquiring shot for a project of his own. Eureka! The answer I needed to launch the ghetto shroom! Well, it made me so happy. Dorky, I know. Okay, okay- back to the task at hand....
So, you know, just get some of that lead shot you have lying around and fill said husky stem (image tres), fold the top edges down and glue that puppy to the top. "From plus to minus... and minus to plus...!!!!"
~Tada! Aww... look at the fat little guy. He's heavy and happy, pleated and dotted. And he's independant enough to stand on his own. Good boy!


Erica said...

I somehow got caught up in my step-sister-in-law's blog post that said "sign up here and I will make you a homemade gift. The catch is that you have to make a homemade gift for 5 other people".
No one signed up, so she did another post begging people to sign up. I said I would sign up, but I would just return a gift to her, not an additional 4 people. That is too much work for my lazy A. But what it comes down to is I need to make something for her. She made me cards that were lithograph or something of that nature (I clearly am at home in the art/craft world) that were neat. So if you are in the mood to try mushroom # 2 or even yoga mat # 2, I am in. You realize of course that means I sit there like a dummy and fumble and cut the wrong pieces of fabric while you whip out amazing things. But we can laugh, listen to music and eat candy if that makes it better.
Thank you for listening to me.

JENNIE! said...

love the shroom! when are we starting the "craft club?" maybe when school starts, and we will have only the COOLEST people be invited... o.k how about just everyone who wants to.