Yoga Bag, This Is

As I was in Utar hanging with family in Joo-leye, my great sis-in-law tells me she wants to make a yoga bag. I brought things to do, see, but when people have something different to try? I'm on board. That sounded way more fun to figure out than my mushroom pin cushion (the next post).
We did a little guess measuring and bought the fabric. Later that week she came over with her yoga mat and we went to work. It's a simple design.... we wrapped the body with one main fabric, added a band of something different along the top. The bottom, shoulder band and pocket are fabric #3. The pocket was a last minute idea as Jess requested it for tossing in keys and sunglasses. After having the mat in there, I would have done it differently... like making it a little gathered or something because it's a bit snug against the mat. But for making it up as we went along... not bad, I say.
I don't really dig yoga (because, you know, it's hard), but I think I'll make one for donuts.


Erica said...

I'd love one for donuts too, let's get sewing!

JENNIE! said...

whoa, that is awesome.

Jessica said...

I really do the bag. It is a little snug, but if I focus on rolling the mat precisely it slips right in! Thanks for helping me do it!

kristina said...

wow...so beautiful it is..the color is so attractive and impressive

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