G in da Heeouse

Here it is.
The first actual Ghouse I have ever made. Sure, some things turned out pretty cool, but I also bet that those of you who do this more often can see gaping flaws, yes? It is fun and I want to try again next year. Perhaps it will be bigger? More modern?
Luckily I had to finish this after frosting all the cookies from earlier that day, so my creative moxy was a bit low which forced me not to over think and just do. But it was also fun to have colored frosting on hand- I was planning on using white only.
And thanks to Bake It Pretty (and failed ambitions of holiday cupcakes for.... what reason? Do I ever have one when I drop coinage at that great site??), I had cute little dears and trees to complete the side yard.
Here is where I need your help and comments. Please chime in if you have any answers. I'd love to know your thoughts....
1) I tried to avoid a big barfing mass of crazy candy colors and kept to a simple palette of Red/White (the green was an impulsive addition). But maybe I'm missing some fun? What other candies or things have you tried that look cool? (I had chocolate Necco's for the roof and ended up going with the graham cereal in the end- did I goof?)
2) Do you ever use frosting colors other than white?
3) Any other cool tips for these miniature culinary time vacuums?

Feliz Navidad!


Tayva said...

LOVE(D) your G-house! I don't do these but my $.2 are: the shingles were awesome. I think if you go with two main colors it has more design punch (I guess the 'brown' is also a color--or is that a texture? hmm), but the little bit of great as a compliment looked fabulous and you shouldn't be afraid of that. The only exception might be a Seuss-y house: with red, pink, and orange backing up a lot of white! In other words, I don't think you can make a 'mistake.' I can't wait to see the one next year!!! XOXO

Tayva said...

Oops. Typo. "the little bit of GREEN as a compliment. . ." Sheesh!