Gift Idea

Seriously... sometimes the holiday "should give to" list grows beyond the bounds of my limited mental capacity. Case in point: Teachers.
Dance instructors, soccer coaches, school teachers, teacher assistants... blahbleeblah.... what do you give all these peeps? I don't know. Tell me if you have any tried and true winners.
But I can suggest one idea.
I wanted to give something a little sentimental to the twins Kindergarten teacher as she also taught Elliet and is wonderful. I thought of doing a papercut of a teacher so I searched online until I found a satisfactory image which I traced, printed and cut. It's small- fit into a 6x6" frame from Ikea- and was done in less than an hour.
Thought I'd share the idea in case your stuck on what to give someone. It was easy & personal.

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JENNIE! said...

whoa.. that is awesome. time for a crafting retreat so you can share some of your brain with me