Almost Back

I am! I promise. One week of summer left, then I have oodles of creative ideas I need to get out.
Until then, I was in CA last weekend and we stopped into the new Jack Spade store, which had such a cool style, I snapped a few images to remember.
It was such a primitive, guy style- most the shelving was bare wood with random nick knacks and my favorite aspect were all these old printed images, postcards or magazine ads, taped inside the shelves with colored masking tape. Very man-ish. Simple, untidy, functional, brilliant.

I also thought this cube art was cool. I am into these eighties geometric prints and graphics right now... don't ask me why. Shapes are hot, right? :)
And look; pegboard has a new style level presented in here.

Seriously. Check out those mugs. There is no way I would ever come across those at a yard sale and say, "Hmmm... maybe in this or that setting these could be cool and kitschy."
Nope. Never would have said it. Luckily they have a place now.

And PS- I found some awesome vintage dresses that I'll share at some point. Some new patterns to copy in my sewing ventures!

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