Here, There, and Everywhere

I've been around but just not on here.
The good news is I have been creating but half of my efforts have been of the mothering kind, like making Gryffindor robes and felt ties for the kids, or making stuffed animal party decor for the kids, or making cardboard box forts... for me. But amid these sophisticated projects, I have had a chance to get in some of my own like
* Have my good friend help me make a pattern of a blouse I love and sew a duplicate which actually kind of worked great! Ghetto sewing reigns supreme.
* Buy that striped fabric @ Ikea and attempt my own chevron pillow covers. I'm half way done with that.
* Finally took some rolls of film using my old school lomo Diana F camera. Now to get them developed!
* Made some tea towels. Thought triangles would look cool but they ended up just looking boring so I made the balloon & stitched a cloud. Not too shabby. I'll let you know how they wash.
On the side, I have recently discovered how to navigate the cooler goods on Etsy (thank you, vacations!) and have found some really cool work that has blown me away with inspiration. This poster is one thing I came across and had to share. Hope you enjoy and are having a fun summer!

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