Here and There

Wow, friends. I have been so lacking on updates here. Sorry.
But you know what, there are so many other cooler places now that share ideas that it won't hurt my feelings if I am typing now to crickets. I will continue to post random art things here that I do, just to journal my work, but no hard feelings if you stray to greener pastures. I so understand.

And as a peace offering, I at least have one little ditty to share.
It's not novel but it's something.
There's a (ahemtacky) jewelry store that opened around here recently and I had a credit there I needed to use up. I found this big gem shaped bracelet and wanted to try that matte geo-shaped jewelry thing going on, so I bought some tan spray paint and went at it. Ended up looking pretty cool. So, you know... try it! :)

Now. I'll try to be better. In the meantime, mostly my creative things have ended up in my Etsy shop so you can peek there for updates. If it's non Etsy, I'll put it here.
Hope you're having a fun summer!

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