Christmas Gifting #1

So this was my idea for Scott.
I wanted to cover a pair of classic white Vans with cool bike drawings. But as I started, I began to get more ideas and realized there were a few directions I could go... Do I draw all bikes or do I scribble cool doodles like an old school folder? Or do I draw things that represent other things we love together? a Vespa? The Golden Gate Bridge? Blah blah blah...so I wanted his input before I went further. This what was in the box and he says he likes them just like this. I still want to add more. I even bought some cool colored pens to add some spots of flava-flave. Maybe on Luke's. That was also my gift to Luke but his shoes were the wrong size so I didn't get to draw on them yet. Anyway, cycling kicks for Scott. Watch out for me and my Sharpies!

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JENNIE! said...

holy crap andrea! those are RAD.