A Fun Herring

I am not much of a quilter. The patterns are usually to crafty and the process bores me. All that repetitive cutting and sewing, hoping things line up and in my case, never do. It's like nightmares of math class all over again so I sew other things less restrictive (and easier to hide my shortcomings. At least fabric forgives...Math doesn't!). But this summer I spotted a small sample of a chevron/herringbone quilt and was inspired to make one. You see, I have a small fabric purchasing problem. I may not be much of a quilter, but I love fabric prints almost as much as cool paper and have so many fat quarters of cool fabric saved up for.... something. My random projects do not use up much of my stash. But this can! Thanks to Anna Marie Horner's great image of her new line here. I want to make that big quilt with bright vintage colors... and how hard can that be? Tracy.... HELP. :-)
And if I master it, I want to make that dress next. Or at least a skirt. Perhaps small and doll size to keep me interested....


Erica said...

Funny that you should bring up quilting. My mother-in-law made a quilt for Kirkham for Christmas. The fabrics are so neat that I want to buy some more to match and add accents in my nursery. I have been trying to find the fabric and just learned what a fat quarter is. Had you posted this just 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have had any idea what you were talking about!
That quilt is gorgeous but looks like it would take a century to finish.

JENNIE! said...

ooh.. love it... i wanna learn too. let me know if you try it, i'm always up for a challenge.