More Christmas Gifties

So I finally got around to taking pics of the girls gifts. I have been watching them during Dance class and wondering how much variety there could be in the dance world of fashion (Easy now, sans major fringe and many-a-sequin). Most of what I find for young girls is pink and black. After hunting a little I have found some leotards in other cool colors which inspired me to have fun with some dance skirts. Plus, most of them are boring and way over priced. This is the first of a few I decided to make. They took more time then I thought (um, french seams anyone? yeah...) and made me realize that unless I invest in a Serger, the overpriced skirts were looking pretty good. But, hey- it's a handmade Christmas and the girls have really enjoyed them. Check and check.
(I included a pic of them all sparkly in the sun so you could see the shimmery dots because, frankly, "Fish like shiny things and don't we all".
-If anyone can tell me what that is from, I'll be more than impressed! Well, excluding Julia because we still giggle about it)


Mindy said...

Hmmm. I know it is from an old movie or something. I've heard and used that exact phrase. In fact, the only time I hear it is when I'm around your family! Let's see: Some Like It Hot???

Jewels said...

Ahhh, sweet Mindy. So close! But alas, I'm afraid not. LOVE how the skirts turned out, I bet the girls love them. And uh, I'm sort of a fish so I probably will want one, too.

Mindy said...

What about Cary Grant? Am I getting close? Darn! I know I'm going to feel dumb when I find out!