Line Love

I remember being quite young, probably in junior high when I saw a piece of art in one of my Mom's fashion/home magazines. It was simple: a model was posing in a chair placed in the corner of a white room, but the chair was a metal sculpture that looked like a huge scribble or drawing of a chair. This big, metal outline and she was sitting in it. I absolutely LOVED it. I tore it out and kept it for years in a binder I had full of images that inspired me. I have never forgotten that great idea. I don't always see work using metal that blows me away but do keep my eyes out. There is something very mid-century about having a metal wall sculpture. They can be so cool, right? But I'm surprised at how hard they are to find. So WOW!!! Found this guy's site and flipped. His name is Frank Plant and his work is amazing. A-MAY-ZING. Some of the content is a bit political, but still: the execution and style is just incredible. Sometimes I'll confess to people that this is a medium I've wanted to try and usually get funny looks. But this is what I'd love to create with it. Ah!

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