Lofty Love

I don't really get into Valentines Day much but wanted to do something with these cool vintage valentines I found. This is what I decided to do. I nearly made a garland of some kind but have wanted to try making a mobile for a while, so the valentines were my 'guinea pig'. It ended up being easier than I thought and now I want to try some more cool varieties. When will I do this? Who even knows?!
Here is all I did:
I used 3-4 long pieces of 20 gauge wire, the longest was used on the top (and that bend in the center was an accident when I was tying the string, so be careful). I cut the remaining others in half. I used pliers and looped each end closed. Then I used a cotton red/pink striped yarn to tie everything on. This worked well because it wouldn't slip or move easily. I hole punched each card and continued to tie them on, adjusting balance as I went. Had the thing done within about 30 minutes. Now it floats above our kitchen counter and rains love and happiness down. Okay, not really that last part but it's at least festive and we can enjoy it for ONE WEEK. Sheesh. This is why I need to start things earlier. But think of all the cool things you could do! Paper cut out letters, mod shapes.... I'm excited to play.

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