Skirts, be gone!

See... this is how I do things. I get an idea and I acquire. I have found that I really enjoy the sourcing and gathering of materials... finding the time to execute is an entirely different story.
Case in point; the girls Christmas gifts. I already posted some dance skirts that I wanted to make them. Well, when I bought the fabric, I kept getting inspired and ended up with about five different versions to make. Long story short, I finished them. Done. The fabric piles on my desk are gone and I have moved on to more things. Whew. They turned out really cute, esp. the big pink tutu's. If I had a surger these would have gone so much faster. I formulated a plan as I painstakingly hemmed the yellow/blush pink one. If I had 3 other friends who wanted one, we could all share the cost and share the machine. Anyone?..... :-)

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