Cycle Style

Don't know why, but over the weeks I have collected a few images of people on bikes. Ok- mostly guys with great style...on bikes. I think style is something most people can appreciate. Either people have it or they don't. And the latter is okay, but the former is inspiring so I'm sharing some of them with you.

Plus, a little yum factor is a good thing.... :)

Left: Love this guy sporting old school Sperry's.

And the girl with green wheels waiting by cute-guy with green bike. I like the 'story' in this image. The colors they are wearing help- the muted greys and browns with only green in the bikes. Look at him: suitcoat, brown cords and sand desert books? Well done, I say. What happened next? Do you think ever saw her?

Ah, to be strolling through Euro avenues looking as darling as this girl...

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Tayva said...

Loved these pics. Oh, my. They say you never forget how to ride a bicycle. Hmmm. I think they lie. I don't think I could ride a bike today, but I KNOW I couldn't look good AND ride a bike! But aren't the photos great?! (sigh) XO