Attended this show last week with my friend, Erica. It's a trade-only show so it's a good way to test/check things out. I don't really know much about kicking tires and getting down to specifics cuz, you know, I'm a girl and all that... which really means I walk through and point at all that's 'pretty'. :) I really enjoy getting a pulse on what's coming out, observing merging trends and taste testing the electrolyte goodies. No Schleck sitings but at least saw some cool stuff.
Urban bikes are picking up momentum and I snapped a few pics of some I liked. These I think were my favorite of the show, Biomega. WOW. Such amazing design! I really, really admire their attention to every sculpted detail. Modern, clean and tasteful.

Cinelli is a given. They have beautiful, classic styles.

This Masi stopped me in the aisle. Look at those wheels.... aaarhhhllll I drooled a little. So purdy. Complete with a white chain.

Puma has joined with, guess who, Biomega, and made some urban styles. Thought the paint colors were cool. If this doesn't reach some trendy kids, I don't know what will.

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