Stumbled across this guys work*- his name is Cheeming Boey. He lives in CA and draws amazing things on foam cups using sharpies. A big step up from the Vans I did last Christmas, eh?
You should really take a few minutes and browse what he's done here.

Here is what he says about his work:
drawing on cups is a challenge. unlike a flat canvas, u have to consider compositions from all around. which is what i spend most of my time doing off the top of my head.

i dont do initial drafts on the cup. i do that on paper, but even that is rare, most of the time its a straight shot. part of the fun is not messing up..and that can happen anytime. sometimes, 95% into the work.

how do i mess up? its styrofoam, it charges up easy. lint can stick to it, so can tiny hairs. when it gets caught on my sharpie, and i am not aware of it, a fine point can suddenly become a broad stroke.

if i mess up, i drink out of it.

some cups take a few hours, including what feels like a relatively simple one. some takes months, because i draw something great, and i am afraid of messing it up with the next stroke. so i tend to wait and think for days, or weeks.

i am still constantly refining my strokes. its hard when u get one shot, and u cant undo an error.
but thats also part of why i enjoy it.
i must be some sort of a masochist.

i hope my works can inspire others to think outside the canvas.
its not always what you draw on, its what you draw.

if you look closely, you'll see rom, the cat.

*via All About Orange

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Jewels said...

That's amazing. This reminds of me of some art you did when you were in HS.