While the twins were in preschool they did a little paper maché project and made "dinosaur eggs". After they forgot about them I greedily kept one for this very purpose - to make into a vintage Halloween bucket. Let's just say that this project has been way overdue. My kids are already in Kindergarten and I finally got this done. Finally. It took me less than an hour to do it (+ the two years I've held on to the spotted thing). Living up to my ghetto ways. I am pathetic.
I tell you this because it's really not that significant of a project but more of an inspiration for me to keep attacking my "want-to-do's" and making them my "I-finally-did-it-high-five-to-me!'s".
Onward Ho:
Step One: Take a hollow paper mache bowl...

Step Two: Cut out eyes and mouth with an exacto knife

Step Three: Paint any color you'd like. I was making a pumpkin so I chose a deep orange (Obvious, I know)

Step Four: Draw some eyes and a mouth (I did mine using Illustrator), print/cut out and tape inside.
Punch holes on either side of the large opening on top and add a wire handle...
Yeah, his eyes are a little large. Looks like he's just as surprised as I am that I finally did this thing...

Step Five: Add embellishments. He looked a little bare so I gave him a glittered triangle nose. This part would be fun if you made a black cat with ears or an owl.... Time to encourage my kids to make more dino eggs (i.e. exercise some child labor) so I can make more old school cools.

Step Six: Fill with candy!


Jewels said...

I LOVE that! Old school cools...you're outstanding.

oh snap said...

I love how you doodle something up in Illustrator.

"oh, now draw a cat.. I did mine in Auto CAD, but whatever.."