Halloween Banner

Thought I would share how I made banner #2. First of all, high-five cuz I actually went through with something for once. Man, it's been too long since creating and I need to get going.

I had a few friends come over and join me in making this which, I think, is what makes this stuff half the fun. So gather some buddies, share supplies and knock one out.

The chipboard and letters were all from a pack that I picked up at JoAnn's. One of my friends, Sara, brought a simplified banner of letters hung on ribbon from Michaels (from Martha) and added onto that. So work with whatever you want.
The assembly was similar to the banner I did a couple of months ago.
I cut the flags to 4" x 6" and we all covered them differently. I used paper, Jennie used fabric, etc. Using crepe paper again, made different circles or shredded backing for the letters. We glittered the letters and glued them on and then embellished with random things. The flags on each end were covered in paper like the others, then I used large bottle stickers from Martha (via Michaels) on top.
I used three yards of a black trim that I also found at JoAnn's and just hot glued the flags right to it (thanks to Jennie's clear thinking- I was totally overcomplicating it in my mind and think this looks great). Done!
Hope this inspires you to try one.


Jewels said...

I LOVE this! And that Devil hanging thing on the 'A'? Or some letter...where did you get that? Love it.

Sara said...

You are ridiculous! That looks so freakin' good! I'm so not showing you mine!