Das Boats

Finally posting some pics of the finished boats. I did five total for my experimental round. The two tallest were approx. 22" high, mid 18" and smallest 12". Some notes and ideas for the next go:
-I intended to use all this cool fabric for the sails but it was distracting from the vintage map hulls. I ended up using white for the most part, which looked great, but now I want to add more texture to them like applique some cool crests and heraldry on the sails, monograms, etc.
-For the printed fabric sails I want to try using vintage handkerchiefs as well as textured fabric. Wouldn't a great, all over dark ship look mysterious with velvet sails?! Ooh boy... just think of the possibilities.
-All of these have one mast. Next time I want to try more masts to get that pirate/Peter Pan look
-I pulled out some of the map colors by using colored twine and eyelets/rivets for hardware and assembly. Should I paint the wood beams? I'm not sure yet.
-Thought it may be fun to place something tiny inside each boat to add that cherry on top of imagination. In case any child has it hanging in their room and one day ventures a ladder to peek inside, they discover a residential surprise! Like a small book or tea cup..... I know, I'm weird.

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avey said...

I'm SOOOOO happy that I am the proud owner of one of your boats! It was hard to choose, they're each just as cool as the next. I'm thinking I need to add to my collection, so I will be watching for new ones. Thanks Andrea!