Decor Dreams

So I'm weird when it comes to decorating and have a hard time finding things I like, affording things I like (curse you DWR) and actually attempting to make it look good. But I kept these pictures to remember these pieces. The first one, the table, is some random unique find that the owner acquired in some shop. No designer was listed. I absolutely love the base of it and the worn wood top. It's fab. It would be fun to see in a slightly more modern setting so it's style could stand out. For starters, a cool shaggy rug to show off the base!

And this dresser... I know it's a bit random and not usually my style but just picture this in a cool designer mountain retreat. Add a leather Eames lounge, a great lamp and voilá! You have a cool work of art that nods to the organic surroundings. Do you see? Well, maybe you still don't and that's okay. It's made with Turkish blankets. Each one was supposedly different. And don't overlook the details- the riveted leather trim and pulls.
Too bad it's not for sale anymore.

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