Sea My Progress

Here are some images of the boat progress.
I started by saving empty boxes that I thought had a good cardboard weight to them and cut the larger, flat side out.
You can see from the first image kind of how I do it. I keep one end of box (it's usually the 'bottom' flap of the box), cut the other end off and then cut strips lengthwise, stopping at the flap fold. Then I cut the flap into thirds and fold inward, creating the back of my boat. I took the center, bottom strip and joined it with the two outside strips to create the basic frame of the boat, then stapled the rest of the strips to follow the shape.
Ta-da! A basic boat hull. Mmm... who wants some Jo-Jo's? The person sitting inside sure will...
I cut some newspaper into long strips and started to mache the hulls. I did some research and decided to try this art paste for my maiden voyage. It was easy to make and worked really well but I was a little grossed out at first by it's texture. So "Ghostbusters" and slimy- like the goop that the ghost smears all over the books in the library... you remember, right? But then things like that turn fun and you feel like a kid finger painting or something. Now I am hooked!
Anyway, wrapped each one in newsprint and let them dry as I worked on the next one. It was a gorgeous day so the sun dried them quickly and made the work very pleasant. By the time I finished the last one, the first was dry, so I went inside and sorted my vintage maps. I grouped them by color and cut them in strips. Then back out to put on the map layers.
I liked selecting the areas of paper I wanted to be visible. Maybe a girl or boy will notice these small details. Maybe an adult will. Maybe only I will. :)
The paper mache part really altered some of my card board structures, though. You can see how warped and curled some became. I still think after some painting and the sails they will look good...at least I hope so. Now I am thinking of different materials to try.
Anyway, very fun. I'm already dreaming up different things to make! And hopefully to launch at GND which means you can see them soon. Tease tease....

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Jewels said...

Shut your face, will you make me some? Because I think we both know I lack sufficient talent to create something like that...maybe I could carve a raft out of soap.