Is It Just Me?

Wow- Sometimes I come across an artist that amazes me and stirs my soul. It's such a weird conflict of emotion because I absolutely feast on their detail or expression and at the same time I am jealous of how wonderful it is. Jealous because I want to create at that level and do it instantly! I want to have others feel what I feel as I look at their work. That is something so great about artistry and creating.... sharing something personal with others and having them 'see' what you see. IF they see it... but when they do, it's magic! It's not for approval or praise or recognition, it's sincere desire to share beauty as a gift. Someday I hope to create at this level.
This woman just oozes talent and has exquisite papercuts so I wanted to share some of her work.
PS-The pics inspired: Detail. I loved the orange/charcoal rabbit combo- this would be cool to do with my kids silhouettes (a project I've had on the back burner and now I'm motivated). I liked the curved house/tree piece... the 'scene' idea is interesting.

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