Week 1 Results

Well, I did it. I kept my goal for the first week, at least. Hopefully I won't get behind on posting my results. I did end up finishing this on Thursday to give as a baby gift for my friend.
I have wanted to make paper maché hot air balloons and thought a little mobile would be good testing ground.
As seen in the previous post, I used strips of paper on water balloons. They turned out well enough but I already want to make another one with some improvements.

I painted them (masked areas w/ masking tape) + embroidery floss and twine for the ropes + little cardstock flags... the more I tried to incorporate ideas, the more I realized I should just stick with the current medium so I stayed with paper. In retrospect, some glitter would have been really fun.

As always, I share these things in hopes to inspire. I'm happy to give further details if you want to try some yourself. Do ask. :)
And I've already recognized one lesson from my experiment in forced playtime...
By giving myself 'permission' to create, I already feel a sense of peace knowing I will be accomplishing items on my to-make-one-day wish list. I've made that day happen. What took me so long? I've been waiting for circumstances to accommodate me but perhaps it has to be the other way around?
(It's also frightening to think that if I can't make it work, if I do fail, then I will prove to myself that I should never have tried. I typed this in parenthesis to keep this doubt from my conscience. I really do hope I prove myself wrong in that regard!)

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Aim said...

Your mobile turned out so cute! Good job!