Week 3

I decided that this week I would finish something I started at least two years ago. At least!
How pathetic is that! Wait, I should hold back that criticism of myself because I know I have more projects in that stage lurking within my office.... so, to focus on the positive... I am going to complete one soon!
Once upon a time, I traced the shadow of a beautiful eucalyptus tree in our yard onto this canvas and that is how it has stayed. Empty and wanting. So instead of starting a new project, I decided to bust this baby out. Alas, I was not able to complete it, but I think it still counts that I worked on it. Perhaps this coming week I can finish it.
A flaw in these long project lapses is that I can't really remember anymore what end result I had in mind so I am just playing with colors and layering and hopefully it will turn out worthwhile in the end. So far I kind of like the paint by numbers look.

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