Week 2

The project this week was to get my tangled necklaces hanging up on something once and for all. It's not the coolest thing I have seen to do, but it is the most ideal for my space (and how many I have- I didn't realize my granny stash!). I needed a way to see them and reach them easily so I decided I needed a long cork board of some kind. Then I changed that idea to particle board so it would be more sturdy.
Enter Home Depot.
For $5, I bought this perfect width, long panel and a tiny package of tooth hangers.
Wrapped it in grey canvas and stapled it with a staple gun, nailed on that hanger and I was done in 10 minutes.
Beautiful, right? Just kidding. But it's functional.

I had these wood push pins I bought at Container Store forever ago and used them. I ended up hammering them in (with the heel of my boot, no less- how apropos!) as I went depending on where/how I wanted to display everything. Bonus- purge items you don't wear anymore.

Ta-dah! Now I have a visual display for inspiration (i.e. reminder of what I own) and no more tangles.

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