Week 5

May is always a crazy month so I fell back on an old idea for this week. I saw an embroidery similar to this a long time ago and pulled the old, "I could do that" and yet never did.
I finally did. Thanks, weekly project!
Created the artwork in Illustrator and digitized it for my embroidery machine, then stitched this onto felt and sewed it on the sleeve of a shirt I bought for Luke for this very purpose (weeks ago, of course). I thought it needed a little more something so I added some random orange satin stitching along one of the front pockets. Kind of goes along with the distressed military look going on here.
Despite having the tools to embroider a patch outright, it is not necessary. Keep your eyes open for cool embroideries on old clothing items, even silk screened artwork that you can cut & applique onto things. This extra step can take something as simple as this grey shirt and make it grey-oovy! (sorry- had to)

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